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Who is Bart Baggett?

Bart Baggett’s story is one that may surprise you. He didn’t set out to become a marketing guru, but that is one of the many roles for which he is internationally recognized. His education background and primary career are in hypnosis, neuro-linguistic programming, and grapho-therapy. His other roles, however, are what make this guru so unique in the marketing world.

Bart Baggett refuses to pigeonhole himself into just one career or pursuit. His extremely diverse career interests are not limited only to the handwriting analysis, self-help books, and niche marketing techniques that have made him so popular. Instead, he also devotes time to hosting a radio show, perfecting a stand up routine, working on various film and television projects, and appearing as an expert guest on television and radio shows.

Bart is even the director of the successful, which is an online handwriting analysis course. His course is followed by students around the world. His handwriting analysis techniques can now be found in the form of a unique card game developed by Mr. Baggett himself, the Grapho-Deck.

While it may be astounding that one person is able to be successful at so many things, one thing that Bart Baggett truly excels at is niche marketing. Niche marketing involves finding a segment of an industry and making yourself in that small segment. Bart himself has done just that, turning a knack for handwriting analysis and a natural comfort with people into a marketing and media empire.

Due to his astounding personal successes in niche marketing, Bart Baggett is uniquely qualified to teach his method to others. He acts as an advisor to many companies which are ready to try radical and daring new marketing tactics to ensure their success. His e-learning course teaches a valuable, marketable skill and then tells students how they can make that skill pay for the life they’ve always wanted.

The latest book in the lengthy list penned by Bart Baggett is “Success Secrets of the Rich and Happy.” This book is already proving itself as an invaluable tool not only for business people, but for everyone else as well. In it, Baggett details the ways that happy people get rich and rich people stay happy.

The information contained in the book can be considered a road map for any marketer as well as anyone else looking for the secrets of success. The witty and easy-to-understand insights that Mr. Baggett puts forward are infinitely helpful in teaching the reader how to make the most of their talents and attract steady income.

While Bart Baggett certainly doesn’t fit the profile of the traditional internet marketer, he is one of the most innovative marketers out there. He has never been afraid to take risks in his career, and he continues to be a respected and admired member of the internet business community as well as a well-loved media personality.

Check out one of Bart Baggett’s presentations below…

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